This page is here to dispel any confusion surrounding this website

What’s QuibDev?

QuibDev is a machine learning and data science project logging website created by me, Akash Raj Patel. I primarily use it to post my work in the hopes that I’d get better over time.

Why did you start a project logging website?

I used to finish assignments and challenges that I stumbled upon either on an online course or on an online forum and be done with them. While this practice allowed me to try out a bunch of novel things. – It proved to be pretty bad for the retention of said things. A plus for having an online portal to access all of my projects is plain convenience. At any time, anywhere, I could open a web-browser and refer to how I solved a particular programming problem in the past.

This realization compelled me to start logging whatever project I worked on, and also explain the steps that I took, and the things I learned.

Why not start a free blog instead?

My reasoning for opting to pay and own a website rather than use one of the many free blogging platforms available was to instill a sense of real commitment. Investing capital upfront shows that I’m serious about the work I post here and that I’m more likely to continue doing so even after the “honeymoon” period dies. And the good thing about already owning a discrete website is that I can turn it into a portfolio showcase if I so choose to in the future.

What does “QuibDev” Mean?

“Quib” means a slight witty remark with a touch of sarcasm. – That’s how I see most of my work and hence call myself the “Quib Dev”.

Any More Questions?

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